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1. Pasta Night - pasta/spaghetti, colander, pasta spoon, pasta bowls, recipe book, apron, tablecloth, oregano, red pepper flakes, Italian spices, cheese shaker, cheese grater

2. Taco Night - taco shells, taco seasoning, rice, salsa, taco holders, apron, tablecloth

3. BBQ Night - BBQ sauce, BBQ rub or seasoning, oven mitt, apron, bamboo skewers, BBQ utensils

4. Arts & Crafts - crayons, markers, construction paper, craft kits, stickers, modeling clay, stencils

5. Boys Toys - small cars, Lego, action figures

6. Girls Toys - Small dolls, play sets, tea set

7. We All Scream For Ice Cream - sprinkles, chocolate syrup, cherries, mini chocolate chips, marshmallows, ice cream scoop, ice cream cones, ice cream bowls, spoons

8. Baking - cookie mix, cake mix, baking toppings, cupcake wrappers, cake pan, scraper, loaf pan, cupcake pan, spatula, mixer

9. Picnic -- Vinyl tablecloth, plastic plates, cups, utensils, citronella candle, badminton set

10. Movie Night - DVDs, Movie Ticket gift card, popcorn, Twizzlers, Raisinets, movie candy

11. Fun in the Sun - Sunblock, aloe, towels, beach toys, goggles, Frisbee, raft, tubes, pail and shovel

12. Pamper Me/Spa - Lotion, shampoo, conditioner, nail polish, brush, comb, mirror, candles, bubble bath

13. Coffee/Tea - Flavored coffees, flavored teas, mugs, sweetener, tea biscuits, cookies

14. Game Night - Board games, travel games, crosswords, card games, checkers, bingo, popcorn, candy

15. Sports Boys & Girls - Jump rope, baseball, tennis balls, soccer ball, paddle game, sidewalk chalk

16. Gardening - seeds, bulbs, small garden tools, watering can, flower pot, knee pad, bag of soil

17. Cooking - seasonings, cook books, cooking utensils, measuring spoons, measuring cups, towels

18. Are You Feeling Lucky? - lottery tickets, scratch off tickets

19. Travel - travel size toiletries, mirror, brush, travel hair dryer, small travel bag, make-up bag, crossword puzzle book, tissues

20. Chocolate Lovers -- chocolate-dipped cookies and biscotti, gourmet chocolates, hot cocoa mixes

21. Italian Antipasto Basket -- marinated olives, peppers, artichoke hearts, (room temperature) cheeses and meats

22. Lasagna - lasagna noodles, tomato sauce, recipe, apron, Italian seasonings, parmesan cheese

23. Bedroom Basket -- soft throw blanket, pillows, pretty picture frame, candle, soft snuggly stuffed animal

24. Baseball - cracker jacks, Yankees or Mets baseball hat, peanuts, baseball poster, baseball cards, t-shirts, bat and ball, tickets (if possible)

25. We are Having a Party -- party supplies, plates, napkins, cups, utensils, decorations, tablecloths, etc.

26. Cocktail Basket - Martini mixes, margarita mixes, glasses, stirrers, little umbrellas

27. Laundry Basket -- fabric lined wicker basket, detergent, softener, dryer sheets, stain stick, stain remover, nice hangers, lingerie bags, etc. 

28. The Cat in the Hat- Dr. Sues related books etc.

29. Wrap It Up- wrapping paper, cards, tissue for all holidays, tape, ribbons

30. Bedtime Stories- children's picture books, teddy bear, blanket, pillow pet

31. Warm up with a Good Book- books, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, mug, women’s book, blanket

32. Are We There Yet?- toys for the car, maps, travel mugs, McDonalds coupons

33. Mom Doesn't Want to Cook Tonight- gift certificates for local restaurants

34. Bundle of Joy- baby items, layette, rattles, pacifier

35. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines- NASCAR related items

36. First Aid Basket- Band aids, peroxide, first aid cream, calamine lotion, gauze pads, ice packs, etc.

37. Manicure basket - nail polish, polish remover, emery boards, cuticle remover, orange stick, hand lotion

38. Car wash basket - fill a bucket with all kinds of car cleaning products, air fresheners, & sponges

39. Puzzle-mania --jigsaw, word searches, etc.

40. Rub a Dub Dub - all sorts of playthings for the bathtub, cute towels/wash cloths, bubble bath

41. Scrapbooking -- Paper, punches, decorative scissors, stickers, pens, an album

42. Desk Set - Stapler, electric sharpener, pencils, a god pen (i.e. Cross) Post Its, a blotter, Pen/Pencil cup, thumb tacks

43. Breakfast Basket --frying pan, pancake mixes, different syrups, muffin mix, muffin tin, spatula

44. Tailgate Basket -- Hot sauce for wings, seat cushions, paper products, trays, cooler, blanket, Small grill or griddle, set of grilling tools, apron, bag of charcoal, etc.

45. Bathroom Basket -- plush towels, specialty soaps, wash cloths, toilet bowl brush, candles, air freshener

46. Gift Cards


Tricky Tray Basket Ideas

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